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Cyberjaya & Putrajaya Property For Sale

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Are you searching for a comfortable house in Malaysia, Cyberjaya or Putrajaya? I am a landed property specialist in these area, and currently having some units for your consideration. Following are the houses available. Best buy houses are marked with RED color, unit sold are marked with GREY color.

No.PropertyStoreyTypeLand SizeBuild-upAsking Price?Remark
Aspen3.5Bungalow (subsale)5,4007,796RM2,800,000Intermediate SOLD
Aspen3.5Bungalow (subsale)5,4007,796RM3,250,000Corner
Aspen3.5Bungalow (subsale)6,4837,796RM3,750,000Corner
Aspen3.5Bungalow (subsale)5,4007,796RM4,300,000Furnished
Cassia2Semi-detached4,2503,076RM1,600,000Corner, SOLD
Cassia2Semi-detached3,4003,076RM1,350,000Inter, SOLD
Cassia3Superlink1,9203,715RM1,050,000Inter, SOLD
Cassia3Superlink1,9203,715RM1,330,000Partial furnish
Ceria Residence2Terrace-2000RM1,350,000Partial furnish, Corner
Evergreen3Semi-detached32003683RM1,400,000Corner, SOLD
Evergreen3Semi-detached32003683RM1,390,000Partial, SOLD
Jacaranda3Bungalow4,8004,541Rm2,500,000Partial Furnish
Jacaranda2Semi-detached3,4002,839RM1,900,000Show Unit
Jacaranda3Semi-detached3,4003,709RM2,380,000Show Unit
Jacaranda3Semi-detached3,2003,683RM1,550,000Partial furnish
Beethoven2Semi-detached (subsale)3,9004,620RM2,550,000Furnished
Beethoven2Semi-detached (subsale)3,9004,620RM3,300,000Furnished
Beethoven2Semi-detached4,1305,661RM3,000,000Show Unit, SOLD
Beethoven2Semi-detached4,0724,620RM2,950,000Show Unit, Furnished
Beethoven2Semi-detached (subsale)3,9004,620RM1,850,000Intermediate
Beethoven2Semi-detached (subsale)3,9004,620RM1,850,000Intermediate
Beethoven3Semi-detached (subsale)4,6005,661RM2,300,000Corner
My Diva Homes2Semi-detached36003856RM1,800,000Partial Furnish
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land8,854-RM1,550,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land9,472-RM1,550,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land9,472-RM1,560,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land10,268-RM2,000,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land10,274-RM1,750,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land10,600-RM2,000,000SOLD
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land12,056-RM1,680,000SOLD
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land13,036-RM3,390,000Lake View
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land13,500-RM2,350,000SOLD
Perdana Lakeview East-Residential Land20,700-RM3,100,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview East3Bungalow8,2006,700RM3,000,000Lake View, SOLD
Perdana Lakeview East3Bungalow10,9256,000RM5,800,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview West-Residential Land15000-RM3,800,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview West-Residential Land15200-RM2,750,000Intermediate
Perdana Lakeview West-Residential Land18000-RM3,250,000Intermediate
Sejati Residence3Superlink19203800RM1,450,000Intermediate
Sejati Residence3Superlink19203800RM1,550,000Intermediate
Sejati Residence3Semi-detached40003500RM2,500,000Intermediate
Sejati Residence3Bungalow5,0005,890RM3,300,000SOLD
Sejati Residence3Bungalow5,0005,890RM3,500,000SOLD
Setia Eco Glades Liu Li Garden2Linked Villa24702850RM1,350,000Intermediate
Summerglades2Terrace19203000RM880,000Partial furnish

For Buyers…

Above are some of available subsale units from my clients. I also carry some developer units with zero price mark-up; as developer pricing. If you are looking for landed property and hope to find an area specialist, I am the right person to talk to. Call me today to arrange for property viewing, I am glad to help.

For Sellers…

All owners are welcome to list your property in here. Besides, this website is getting over 30,000 viewers a year; highly targeted prospect looking for property in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya area only. If you want to sell your landed property quick, I might already have the right prospect for you. Call me today!

For Agents…

Dear comrade, we fight the same war. We do the same job, let’s come together and work on this. I have many landed property for sale, if you have the buyer, bring it on and lets close the sales. I do offer some of the best co-broke package and incentive, call me today to find out.

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Cyberjaya House for Rent (Landed Property)

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Cyberjaya is an international city and also the education hub, no doubt this city is with the highest demand for house rental. There are over 50,000 students in higher education. And there are three university and three international school located in Cyberjaya alone. Counting in the shopping complex, business zone, IT hud, MNC companies, and government complex, there are over 150,000 population in this tech city today. The demand for rental property are very high and unit moved very fast, especially those fully furnished unit.

Following are some of the houses for rent in Cyberjaya. Some units are either vacant, partial furnished or fully furnishing. Contact me for more details, photo or viewing appointment.

2Aspen3.5Bungalow65,4007,796Partial FurnishRM12,500Available
3Jacaranda3Bungalow54,8004,541Partial FurnishRM5,500Available
4Jacaranda3Bungalow54,8004,541Partial FurnishRM4,000Available
5Jacaranda3Semi-D53,2003,683Full FurnishRM5,000Available
6Jacaranda3Semi-D53,2003,683Partial FurnishRM3,000Rented
7Clover3Semi-D53,2003,823Partial FurnishRM4,000Available
8Clover3Semi-D53,2003,823Partial FurnishRM4,000Available
9Clover3Semi-D53,2003,823Partial FurnishRM6,000Rented
10Clover3Semi-D53,2007,863Full FurnishRM10,000Rented
11Cassia2Semi-D43,4003,076Partial FurnishRM4,000Available
12Cassia3Terrace (Corner)51,9203,715Partial FurnishRM3,500Available
13Cassia2Terrace41,9202,845Full FurnishRM3,500Available
14Cassia2Terrace41,9202,845Full FurnishRM3,500Available
15Beethoven2Semi-D43,9004,620Partial FurnishRM7,000Rented

Due to heavy work load, I only focus on landed house for rent only. The renting process is known as leasing. And usually from 6 months, 1 year, 2 years onward. Owners are welcome to list with me, pass me your property details, photo and asking rental. Once I have the right tenant, I will arrange viewing for your property. Once tenants agreed for signing, agency will take the booking and prepare the tenancy agreement for both party to sign and follow by stamping process. From viewing to key handover, I will be here.

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Aspen Cyberjaya Bungalow for Sale. Exclusive 69 Units.

Looking for brand new Bungalow house at Cyberjaya or Putrajaya? There are limited lots available in these areas and the best offer right now for this year 2017 is the following Aspen Cyberjaya bungalow house. This is introduced about three years ago, and with limited units of 69 only. This is a fully gated and guarded community, and there are 24/7 security, CCTV monitoring, and perimeter fencing.

Do you know Aspen Garden Residence is one and only exclusively bungalow only project in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya area? Other projects are commonly having mixture of condos, terrace, semi-detached and bungalow houses. Those are called mixed development, and this Aspen Cyberjaya is the only exclusive all bungalow only. If you want high-end property that promised exclusivity, then this is the place to choose.


Cassia Garden Residence, Cyberjaya Semi-Detached House for Rent RM4000

If you don’t prefer condominium and looking for landed property for rent, and require some extra space, then semi-detached houses will be the perfect choice. Often I came across family with multiple cars and they require more parking space. When come into this situation, I would highly recommend this type… Read more »

Opposite Radius Business Park, Cyberjaya Commercial Land for Sale RM30mil

For corporate buyers who have been looking for commercial lot for their next office or retail outlet, here is a very nice commercial land for sale. It is located at the entrance and exit of MEX expressway, with thousand of driving by traffic every hour. There are both side traffic,… Read more »

Cassia Garden Residence, Cyberjaya Furnished Terrace House for Rent RM3500

Do you know Garden Residence is now the hottest residential location in Cyberjaya? With good occupancy rate and great quality community with good security, more and more family are now preferring Garden Residence as their next home; either buy or rent the property. Right here is another great property for… Read more »

Taman OUG Bungalow land for sale, asking RM4.5mil

It is very common nowaday, buyers come and purchase residential land and build their custom designed bungalow. The whole process to purchase the bungalow land will take 3 to 6 months to complete for Malaysian. Next is to engage planner and their architect firm to design the new house for… Read more »

Taman OUG Bungalow for Sale, Freehold New House RM4.8mil

For those property hunters who knows about Sri Petaling and Taman OUG, sure their know this is one of the most strategic location and with good road connection to most major cities in Klang Valley. Taman OUG is located next to Sri Petaling, about 5 minutes driving distance. And Taman… Read more »

Cassia Cyberjaya, Full Furnished Terrace House for Rent RM3500

When looking for house for rent in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya, the best choice is to go for either condominium or terrace houses. These are now the best bargain price in market. Some unit are partial furnished 3 room are asking for rental around RM2500. And 4 rooms unit surely went… Read more »

Jacaranda Cyberjaya, 3-storey bungalow for sale RM2.50mil

There are over 74 units of bungalow houses in Jacaranda Garden Residence, and most of them are located at the 4th and 5th street. Some units are facing north and some are facing south. These bungalow houses were completed in year 2013 and this is less than 5 years old… Read more »

Jacaranda Cyberjaya, 3-Storey Show Unit Semi-D for Sale RM2.38mil

[SOLD] There are 246 units of houses in Jacaranda Garden Residence Cyberjaya, and in here you can find combination of 2-storey semi-d, 3-storey semi-d, and together with 76 bungalow houses. For the semi-d lots, you can either find 3400 square feet units or the more common 3200 square feet units…. Read more »