Cassia Garden Residence, Cyberjaya Semi-Detached and Terrace for Sale

Hi, are you searching for new houses in Cyberjaya area including Garden residence? If you have heard of Aspen, Clover, Evergreen or Cassia before, this is the listing that you will find interesting to take a look. Do you know that Cyberjaya property is one of the fast growing location in Malaysia or more specifically in Selangor? Their price value has been steadily growing over time and there are more large scale project taking place in this district. If you are looking for new houses or good deal in this area, you can contact me and I will provide you some wonderful units to consider.

cassia cyberjaya masterplan view IMAG0054

Cassia Garden Residence Semi-Detached House. Once you came into Cassia Cyberjaya, first thing you will see is the semi-detached houses on your right. In front will be a roundabout and here is the playground located as well. On the right hand turn you will get to the main road connecting to all other houses. On the left hand side are the Cassia terrace houses, either two storey or three storey. On the right hand side will be the two storey semi-detached houses. Here you will find the semi-detached houses are with near identical layout design if compare to the evergreen semi-d. They are identical in layout plan and only different is the extra land provided by Cassia. In comparison, Cassia is 3400ft compare to Evergreen 3200ft. That is additional 200 feets at the kitchen area.

For this Cassia unit, it is a semi-dedicated house and consist of 5 bedrooms in total. This is one of the very few corner lots available and its land size is huge, measuring 85×50 feet. The house is with good design for both interior and exterior, not many major renovation is require, just some furniture and you are ready to move in.

cassia cyberjaya semi-d house for sale IMG_0045

This area is combine of semi-D houses, and terrace linked houses. Those are smaller units and price are already went above 1 million plus. Why buy the smaller unit, when you can have this semi-D 2 storey house for just some extra money? The land size is huge and the garden is located on the left. Evening sunset will be shaded by the trees at outside. I have visited this house and its feel very nice and comfortable. Those trees are healthy growing and if you are familiar with fengshui, that means good positive energy in this spot. For this price range, its hard to find another good offer.

Cyberjaya cassia house for sale far view IMG_0063

Need a huge living space? Look at below photo, that is a huge living hall which is connected with kitchen. And there is small room at the back for maid use as well. Its spacious, comfortable, and natural. It feel cozy and spacious on my first visit here.

cassia cyberjaya semi-d for sale - living area IMG_0046

Also come with nice staircase with timber flooring and hand-rail. This is something to overlook in buying a new house. The flooring is well covered with tiles in cream cover. The overall fit and finish is good quality and nothing is low quality or cut cost material in here. Its nicely done and I can see the ceiling with cables connector are well planned as well. Installing new lights are simple and beginner with some experience can get this done by themselves too.

cassia cyberjaya semi-d staircase IMG_0047

I personally love spacious area and less traffic, and I really don’t like seeing cars parked at road side etc. In this community, the security and control are strict. The road are in good conditions, there is street lights, nicely managed garden, and the area is comfortable during my first visit. This is the place for your family off-course.

cassia cyberjaya garden view IMG_0069

Talks about cars, sure you have a few cars and they need parking space right? No worry, you get covered for this, look at the spacious parking bay and it is cover with roof. Your valuable wheels will be protected by rain and sun in here.

cassia cyberjaya private parking bay IMG_0053

Now, there are something for your kids or family as well, a huge garden space. If I am the lucky owner of this unit, what I going to build here is some zen garden with a fish pond. Some trees, extended patio with glass awning. Garden is cover with carpet grass and put in a nice tea table in here. Sunday evening is a nice place to have a cup of tea, spend some time with family or feeding the fish.

cassia cyberjaya large land size semi-d house IMG_0055

Cassia Garden Residence terrace houses. The Cassia terrace houses are available in either two-storey or three-storey houses. Current market price for double storey is about RM900k and the three-storey can fetch up to RM1.1mil already. Due to lack of new supply in surrounding area, and most new developer units are priced at near RM1.5mil. Hence making the subsale property a good bargain for the pass few years.

From time-to-time, I often received new unit for sale. Some are vacant unit and some are partial furnished for sale. For rent, there are small number of choices available and the market is moving really fast for leasing unit. You can call me today to find out the latest unit available for sale or rent, and I will keep you updated on new units available as well.

Cassia Cyberjaya playground and common area. There is playground for kids and the area is fully guarded with good security and CCTV monitoring. Any visitors coming in and out will be registered and verified before letting them entry into the community. If security is your first concern, this is the type of security that you should have.

cassia cyberjaya with playground IMG_0072

Worry about utilities bills or expenses? Here is some smart technology in here, there are rain water harvesting system installed at rooftop. Means you can use the rainwater for the gardening use and this help you to save quit some money each month on the water bill. Since this house is getting good natural light on daytime, and shaded on the evening. Your electricity use and air-cond running time can be cut by a bit too. This is comfortable place and its comfortable even at the hot April, cause there are many trees planted in this area.

cassia cyberjaya rainwater harvesting system IMG_0050

Take a video tour at this Cassia Garden Residence, Cyberjaya. How about a video introduction then? Here is a simple video that I have taken on site, and showing the surrounding. The environment is quit, calm, and comfortable during my first visit.

Contact me today for viewing this property, or ask for any other units available. If you have house in this area and want to sell it or rent it out, I can be your agent as well. My fee is always low and I will not markup the price at all. Contact me via email, phone, SMS or whatapp today.

4 thoughts on “Cassia Garden Residence, Cyberjaya Semi-Detached and Terrace for Sale

  1. Charles Gan Post author

    Right now, there are four units of cassia semi-d for sale from subsale market. If you are looking for 2-storey unit, I have the list of it. Just give me a call or whatsapp me today, and I will keep you updated with the latest unit released from owner.

  2. Charles Gan Post author

    Yesterday there is a corner lot cassia coming in and the unit is with nice house number and street name. The house is shaded from evening sun and having a good garden size on the left. It is partial furnished with aircond and kitchen cabinet installed. The house condition is amazing and I think the price is fair enough at RM1.65mil (Negotiable). For those buyer who’s been looking for Cassia corner lot and want to have a good unit, don’t missed out this chance.

  3. Charles Gan Post author

    Right now, I am having a few units of semi-d and terrace house for sale in this Cassia Garden Residence. If you are potential buyer and interested to ask about these property, do give me a call or text me via whatsapp. Either one will do.

  4. Charles Gan Post author

    I just found out this week, that Cassia’s management fees has been revised recently. Unofficial source is informing me that the maintenance fee went up alot and nearly doubled. This information is yet to be confirmed. Trying to reach the management personal and they are unreachable so far.


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