My Diva Homes Cyberjaya, Semi-D and Bungalow House

Have you heard of Perdana Lakeview? This is the prime location and you can find lots of high-end houses in this area especially the Perdana Lakeview west. In front of it, you will find this east section and in here, there are collection of very beautiful semi-d and bungalow houses. Fully guarded and with good security system, this is where you will find the best houses in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya west.

My diva homes Ibiza unit

This project is called “My Diva Homes” and it is completed by CrystalVille Group. It is located at Jalan Sri Tasik Timur and facing the Putrajya Lake. At here you will get fresh breeze and find comfort for your family for sure. There are only limited 38 units of semi-detached house and 14 bungalow houses built in this small density community.

my diva homes Tropez unit

There are three types of design, namely Ibiza, Tropez and Cabana. The Ibiza is the most common type and this will be the smaller 2 storey semi-d house. Follow by the Cabana which is the 2.5 storey semi-d houses.

my diva homes layout plan

In front of Mydiva Homes are the bungalow land for sale at Perdana Lakeview East, I have a few clients’ land for sale. All lands at here are freehold residential and with strata title. It is a gated and guarded community. In order to enter into Mydiva community, you will need to get through the first security checkpoint at the Perdana Lakeview East entrance. Next proceed to the Mydiva and here is another security guard house.

Following is their artist impression and the show unit. The limit space is huge enough for big family. And here you can find a comfortable living space. At the outside, there is terrace, garden, playground, swimming pool, gym room and tennis court.

my diva homes interior view with ID design

This is one of the prime location for sure. In this area, the pricing is already over RM550 per square foot for landed property and over RM800 for condominium units. If your unit is measuring at 3,600 sq ft for example, that will fetch a current market value of at least RM2 million.

At the time of launching by the developer, the unit price for semi-d was RM1.78 million and this is subject to discount and rebate. Buyer are paying at much lower price and I am estimating at RM1.65 range. For a short 2 years, the price is now growing by over RM350,000 or equal to 20% in value gain.

All developer units have been sold out as of mid of 2016, the last unit was sold at RM1.8 million. From buyers who looking for houses in mydiva, the only choice now is to look for subsale unit. My agency have a few clients in here, and there are more than 3 units available for sale.

My Diva Homes location map

I am an active property agent in Cyberjaya and now also expending to Putrajaya area as well. It is common for me to get customer asking for Summerglades and My Diva Homes. If you are lucky owner who want to sale or rent the house, please contact me via phone call or whatsapp today.

4 thoughts on “My Diva Homes Cyberjaya, Semi-D and Bungalow House

  1. Charles Gan Post author

    I have one serious buyer that has been asking me to find him a house in Summerglades or My Diva Homes. He love the location and planning to settle down in here. Budget is not very high, but able to consider any offer below RM2 million.

  2. Charles Gan Post author

    I am now quit active at Perdana lakeview east section and this mydiva is part of area in my coverage too. For instant, the subsale unit that i having is this asking RM1.80mil. Price is always negotiable and buyer please call me to know how much discount you can get.

  3. Charles Gan Post author

    There is another unit of mydiva homes from my college cobroking selling at RM1.85mil. Yet, this is open for buyer offer and there is room for negotiation. For this type of cases.. the commission remain the same and split equally amount two agents.

  4. Charles Gan Post author

    After a few times visiting this housing community, i start to appreciate its benefit and advantages. The most obvious is the double security access. There is first guard house for perdana lakeview east in general. To get register with and once getting permission from house owner, then only visitor can access the area. Next there is the mydiva security guardhouse and here is another checkpoint to go through. If you are concerning about family safely, this is what you need.


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