Malaysia Property Market June 2016 – My Review

Hi, have you watch my previous April 2016 market overview? If not, you can watch it again at here. At the time i have made some market prediction and most of it become true and really happening. Next, this June I have gather some data and compiled into this new video and updated it to Youtube. You can watch it as following:

For this June, the US market is bit shaky and their jobs report and the worst in pass 12 months. This causes the US dollars to fall quit a lot. This signal the economy weakness at their side, the the interest rate isn’t going to go up in short time being. For this, it will causes the US currency to remain weak to push up the NYSE and profiting the Wall Street. At the end, the oil price will go higher despite the lower US currency. That is going to affect Malaysia stock exchange as well, and I am expecting a growth of about 5% to 10% in short 2 months time.

This is a strong signal for Malaysia property market. For this video, I have included some major projects that cost over a billion ringgit which including Tun Razak Exchange TRX, Merdeka PN118 skyscraper, Sky Park Cyberjaya, Sunsuria k-mall and Korean theme city. All these are some of the major projects in KL city and Klang Valley.

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