Opposite Radius Business Park, Cyberjaya Commercial Land for Sale RM30mil

For corporate buyers who have been looking for commercial lot for their next office or retail outlet, here is a very nice commercial land for sale. It is located at the entrance and exit of MEX expressway, with thousand of driving by traffic every hour. There are both side traffic, and with lots of people going to see your commercial building or signage. Either you are petrol station owners, Starbuck, Mcdonalds, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes, you got to look into this amazing piece of land for your retail outlet, gallery and signboard.

If your business require a strategic location for your commercial building, billboard, or retail signage, then this lot is sure worth the purchase. Why setup your company in quit place that don’t even get much noticing and seldom seen, and hard to find location? This is why highway entrance lot are commonly the biggest deal and usually quickly snatch up by the big player. For case study you can refer to One Utama and Kepong toll and the same thing is happening too, the major car dealership are setup their showroom with huge billboard next to expressway.

In simple calculation, if average traffic driving by is 1000 per hour, and we multiply it to 30 days, that will be 720,000 drive-by each month. Or almost 1 million viewing each year. If you are familiar with billboard advertising, and that really mean big money. Placing a 100 foot billboard alone can earn you a few millions each year. Setup your retail outlet plus billboard signage, that will big money rolling in for sure. For professional investor, they know this is the hidden gems and the last golden opportunity that shall not be missed. This piece of land can generate over 10% ROI each year, you can do the math or give me a call for my expert advice.

Currently this piece of land is signed exclusive to our agency and we are the only authorized agency for the deal. Any potential buyers either individual or company are welcome to contact me for further details or any discussion.

Here are some of must know specs for this property

  • Property type:  Commercial land, corner lot, highway visibility.
  • Location: In front Radius Business Park, Cyberjaya, Selangor
  • Car park: –
  • Freehold/Leasehold: Freehold
  • Direction: North section.
  • Gated and guarded community: NO
  • Land size: 149,575ft
  • Build-up: none

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