Perdana Lakeview East Bungalow Land for Sale

For those who looks for bungalow land in Cyberjaya, sure have heard of Perdana Lakeview before. This area is divided into Perdana lakeview east and Perdana Lakeview west section. The biggest is the east precinct which consist of 100-acre land. There are total of 165 bungalow lots available, and only 25 lots are with direct access to Putrajaya lake and get the best unobstructed views.

For Perdana Lakeview East, the bungalow lot is ranging from 7,800ft to 21,000ft and the market price is ranging from RM150 to RM250 per square foot. Price varies depend on location, lot number, direction, and views. For intermediate lot with no view and facing evening sun are commonly priced lower compare to better lots that offer lake view or with north-south orientation.

Besides selling completed bungalow houses in this area, I also focus on residential land in this Perdana lakeview east as well. Here are some of the lots available for sale. Owner are welcome to list here.

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 160. Land size 11,140ft asking price RM1.66mil (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 154 (Land size 20,720ft asking price RM3.1mil)

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 131 (Land size 13,036ft asking price RM3.39mil)

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 105. Land size 10,936ft asking price RM2.15mil. (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 101. Land size 10,600ft asking price RM2.0mil. (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 100. Land size 13,745ft asking price RM2.3mil. (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East, Lot 81 (Land size 10,268ft asking price RM2.0mil)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 69. Land size 12,897ft asking price RM3.10mil. (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 68. Land size 9,472ft asking price RM1.89mil. (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 57 (Land size 9,472ft asking price RM1.89mil)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 40. Land size 10,274ft asking price RM1.75mil. (SOLD)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 17 (Land size 9,472ft asking price RM1.56mil)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 14 (Land size 9,472ft asking price RM1.55mil)

Perdana Lakeview East Lot 11. Land size 12,056ft asking price RM1.68mil. (SOLD)

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