Perdana Lakeview West Bungalow Land for Sale

Can’t find your desired bungalow house in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya? How about building your own bungalow on an empty lot and choose whatever design that suited you? This is when the high-end market buyer are choosing to create their own dream home based on their individual requirements. First thing in this process is to search for new bungalow land that is designated for residential use and permitting bungalow unit to be built on top of it. One of the best location to start searching for is the Perdana Lakeview East & West, two different zone, facing each other.

Here are some of the vacant lots available at this Perdana Lakeview West available for sale:

Lot 3, house number 43. Land size 15,446ft asking price RM2.4mil.

Lot 4, house number 42. Land size 14,832ft asking price RM3.70mil.

Lot 5, house number 41. Land size 15,004ft asking price RM3.75mil.

Lot 7, house number 39. Land size est.16,000ft asking price RM4.00mil.

Lot 8, house number 38. Land size 15,272ft asking price RM2.75mil.

Lot 9, house number 37. Land size 18,146ft asking price RM3.175mil.

Lot 15, house number 31. Land size 17,448ft asking price RM4.40mil.

Lot 16, house number 30. Land size 17,448ft asking price RM4.00mil.

Lot 17, house number 29. Land size 17,598ft asking price RM4.05mil.

If you are new to this area, here are some of the useful introduction to help you out:

  • Low density bungalow area, limited to 47 lots only.
  • Two minutes away from Mirage on the Lake and Summerglade landed property.
  • Opposite the Putrajaya lake and bridge.
  • Completed year 2010 by Setia Haruman developer, which is well-known in Cyberjaya.

When we look at the layout plan, there are outer circle and the inner circle. The outer ones are in lower ground, and the center of it are on the higher ground. This area is just  minutes drive away from city center and one of the most sought after prime location.

Photo Gallery

The smallest lot is measuring about 14,000 sqft and the largest lot can be measuring over 40,000 sqft. Note that all lots are sold out and there are already owner of it. Only the subsale lots are available right now. For this particular area, I currently having a client selling their 15,000 sqft lot. The land is flat and not elevated. Nice view front and back, no obstacle and no pylon etc. This is the prime area, expect only the best view here.

For security, there is proposed guard house located at the entrance. However, to-date there is no security personal being located here at all. In my opinion, these type of prime location should have the highest security checkpoint possible.

Next, there is perimeter fencing for these 47 bungalow lots. Its roughly about feet tall steel fencing around the housing area. There is no CCTV or intrusion detection system installed in here.

If you have been to this area, you must had noticed the LimKokWing complex which is one of the biggest bungalow located here. This is one of the most beautifully designed bungalow house. It is measuring at staggering 40,000+ square feet in land coverage. It has taken 3 lots for building construction and another lot reserved for garden use. A total of 4 lots for this mega house.

You can choose to create any theme or design off-course. Here is a mansion house with western theme and looks like a California style home. This mansion is own by a VVIP politician. It’s design is very western and with large compound in the front yard. When checked, there are private swimming pool, car garage, landscape garden and many more amenities for this mansion house. This house is located at high ground and facing the Putrajaya lake and get the best view.

If you need help getting to this Perdana Lake view, here are the Google maps to help you out.

Here is a driving video which I made in June 2016, showing the journey and entrance to get here. Start from the Jalan Sri Tasik Barat, entering the guard house checkpoint, and getting there.

In next video, I am driving around this Perdana Lakeview west and showing you the condition inside. There are some houses already built inside, and most of them are totally impressive. There are mega size bungalow units. If you are interested with this high end luxury land, please give me a call and I shall assist you further.

4 thoughts on “Perdana Lakeview West Bungalow Land for Sale

  1. Charles Gan Post author

    I just being informed, there is a VIP buyer looking to large piece of land in this west sector. For those land owner, please contact me and your offer price.

    *no agent, no cobroking.

  2. Charles Gan Post author

    Up-to-date, I am having three lots for sale in this area. Total of 47 lots during launching, few already been taken and with building on top. Left just a small numbers put up in secondary market for sales.


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