Sejati Residences Cyberjaya 249 Units Superlink, Villa, Semi-D and Bungalow

Are you considering to purchase a new house at Puchong South or in Cyberjaya? If that is what you have been looking for, this Sejati Residences will be one of the most luxury landed property to consider. This is a all landed 249 units of homes, divided into 4 development phases. It will be consist of 3 storey houses ranging from superlink, semi-d, and bungalow units.

Sejati residences for sale

Introduction to Sejati Residence Cyberjaya. This year 2016, the phase 1 consist of superlink houses are all 100% sold out and handed over to their respective owners. This phase also consist of semi-d and bungalow units, all sold-out, except the semi-d show unit which is still available. The upcoming phase-2 and phase-2A are fast selling and with expected CCC date by 2018. Both phase 2&3 are now open for booking. *You can contact me for further information or site viewing arrangement.

sejati masterplan and phases

This Sejati project site is covering a massive 50-acres land. Located at the heart of Cyberjaya city and surrounded by high-end housing areas, which including:

  • Symphony hills, back-to-back.
  • Verdi eco-dominiums
  • Ceria residences
  • Serin residency
  • Star central
  • Neo cyber
  • Fauna holiday homes
  • Cyber heights villa
  • Mirage on the lake condos
  • Perdana lakeview etc.

In comparison, this location is like Damansara Height, Bangsar, and Mont Kiara alike. The center location and surrounded by multiple schools, college, university and MNC companies. Currently, there are over 800 companies setup their office in this IT hub and 35 major MNCs including HP, IBM, Dell, etc.

Following Google maps showing the Sejati residence location and its driving distance from Multimedia University (MMU) is about 3.0 KM away. This is considered the high land, and there is no water, lake, or wetland in close nearby location.

Sejati residences location map

Sejati Residence Club House and Community. After considering their strategic location, next we need to check on the project and the master plan itself. This project developer is Paramount Property, which is famous for their 35 years of experiences. Having vase experience in housing project, planning, and industrial building etc.

When considering the Sejati clubhouse for example, they are choosing to use the famous infinity pool concept with wood decking at side. With open concept to the lounge and bar area. The roofing are built using 200-years Chengal wood which is nothing but the best.

Cyberjaya Sejati clubhouse with infinity swimming pool

Sejati Residence Semi-Detached Houses. Already interested and want to know about on Sejati residences? Next, we are going to take a look at the semi-d units. Design wise is fantastic, simple, optimized of space, clean, and easy to maintain in future. Great concept for both home owner and for investment. If you want to buy these houses for your family own stay, its going to be a great choice. The guarded security with perimeter fencing is an added security for your family and children. Besides clubhouse, there is BBQ area, sauna, pool, playground etc for family activities.

Sejati residences semi-d show unit for sale

This is the arial view of the Sejati semi-d houses, from artist illustration. There are rooftop garden, balcony, private garden etc. All open concept and connecting with environment. This is great for vacation home for those frequently traveling from one country to another. Why bother staying in hotel that is far in city centre when you can have a great place for relax and even better when you are traveling with family. Land size is over 4000sqft and price is ranging from RM2.6 millions SPA.

If you prefer fully-furnish house and willing to pay more, you are in luck, as the show unit fully furnished are still available. The asking price is about RM3.6 million. *Call me to find out on the latest discount or offer for this unit.

For the semi-d, the interior size is sufficient for most family and the developer even created some amazing design concept as well. This is view-able at their semi-d show house. Here is the video I have taken during the site visit.

Sejati Residence Bungalow Houses. For those looking for more privacy or having larger family size, there is always bungalow units to consider. Right now, there are some units available in phase 1&2 to choose from. Land size is about 5000+sqft and price is around RM3 million range. Converted to US dollars, that will be about $800,000 range.

For this year 2016, the phase 1 bungalow unit only remains the Astonia type-2 only. Just a limited units are available. The Astonia type-1 already fully sold out. If you are interested to own this Sejati bungalow unit, give me a call today to add to the waiting list.

Sejati residences bungalow house for sale

Here is the latest video i recorded at site, showing the Sejati bungalow house show unit. Nice interior, relaxing place to visit. If you are intended to purchase a new home in Cyberjaya and this fit your requirement, give me a call today.

If you are unfamiliar with Cyberjaya area, this is the IT hub of Malaysia. In here you can find hundreds of MNC companies, over 10 colleges and universities with over 50,000 students, and there are over 10 international schools in this area too. There are some government complex etc as well. Considering the overall masterplan, this Cyberjaya is already 70% developed and there are less than 30% undeveloped or undergoing development land. This Sejati is one of the very few luxury location to stay, off-course!

5 thoughts on “Sejati Residences Cyberjaya 249 Units Superlink, Villa, Semi-D and Bungalow

  1. Charles Gan Post author

    As of today, the Sejati semi-d show house with land size of 5996 sq ft is still available. If you are one of the interested buyer and looking for new fully furnished houses, and willing to pays RM3.6 million for it, then this is the quick choice for you. Process is fast, easy, and take 14-days only. All payment and cheque to developer, safe for buyer.

  2. Charles Gan Post author

    The last 2 units of bungalow houses at Sejati have been sold this week. And the remaining unit is the semi-d show unit which is looking for buyer. Contact me for viewing arrangement. TQ

  3. Charles Gan Post author

    For those looking for Sejati terrace house which has been sold out during its first year, here is the latest subsale unit coming in. Intermediate unit with good view and the asking price is around RM1.48mil only. This is 3-storey unit with 3800sq feet.

  4. Charles Gan Post author

    If you are looking for corner end lot, this is a chance to grab a Sejati terrace house. One of the very rare end-lot is now available. Give me a call for inquiry today.

  5. Charles Gan Post author

    Yesterday while bringing my client to view the sejati residence and walk around the area, the client asked me a question: why 249 houses and not 250?

    The answer is simple. There are 250 units when including the clubhouse with management office inside. That office require an address and that taken the No.1 address. The next house is No2 which is just next to this clubhouse. That is your answer.


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