Summerglades Cyberjaya terrace superlink house for sale

This SummerGlades is one of the housing project completed in year 2013 by Suntrack Development. There are a total of 137 units of terrace house in this fully guarded community. Inside here, you will find terrace houses in low density.

All Summerglades properties are freehold and with strata title. There are guard house with 24/7 security, perimeter fencing and surveillance. Each house have their own wall fencing and front gate.

Summerglades cyberjaya guard house IMAG0202

The exterior design of the terrace is simple and looks good even until today. There are two parking space with concrete car porch. The exterior renovation is not allowed in stratified property, same goes to this property. Note that not all units are having the same exterior look or paint color. This is what makes their property unit and more attractive.

Summerglades cyberjaya house front view

This is low density terrace house community, and the row are commonly very short and both ends are usually with corner lot with additional land.

If you are looking for Summerglades terrace that have very large land, you can find me right off-course. I am having a few client units in here, and following is one of the unit with largest land. The next owner can build their garden landscaping in here, and there are plenty of space to spare.

Summerglades Cyberjaya corner lot

Why location is important? This Summerglades is located at the price location of Cyberjaya. It is next to Putrajaya border line and can directly view the Putrajaya lake and bridge all together. This is strategic location next to high quality Perdana Lakeview bungalow lots and also the luxury Mirage On The Lake condominiums. In current year 2016, I have seen the Perdana Lakeview land price soar to over RM250 per square feet, and the same thing happen to Mirage condo unit which reached over RM550 for block A and over RM800 for block B.

What was the launching price of Summerglades? At the time, the basic unit are measuring at 3000 square feet and the asking price was from RM800,000. Back in the time after the 2012 recession, that was a high price and many people can’t afford it off-course. All it takes is only 5 years, and the market is back on track in skyrocketed. The current market price for these terrace houses are now doubled.

Summerglades house for sale

Once again, this is terraces located at prime location, how often we will find that? It is surrounded by Mirage on the Lake and also the Perdana Lakeview East and West. All of them are high value million dollars property. The effect is significant and choose the right location does make a big different if you are an investor and want your property to grow in capital value over short time frame.

Summerglades location maps

This Summerglades houses are some of the most sough after units in Cyberjaya, if you are having any units for sale or for rent in here, please give me a call or whatsapp me today. I will be glade to help you out and provide my professional service to you.

How to get to Summerglades Cyberjaya? This Google maps will help you out off-course, or you can use Waze to find this place. There is security guard house at the entrance, and the entrance is the furthest you can get to.

2 thoughts on “Summerglades Cyberjaya terrace superlink house for sale

  1. Charles Gan Post author

    I am making this posting because I am having a potential customer seeking a good condition houses in Summerglade. If you are having a unit in here and want to sell it soon, contact me and make me an offer.

  2. Charles Gan Post author

    Summerglades houses look good after my visit on site today. I have a client selling the intermediate lot and asking me to become their property agent. Its a fast stop at their house, taking some details. For those buyer that looking for houses in this community, please give me a call today!


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