Taman Yarl OUG Bungalow Land for Sale

By using the MEX expressway, Cyberjaya residents can connect with Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur city centre with ease. At the northern part is Bukit Jalil and Sri Petaling zone, and there is a MEX exit to these location. Distance from Cyberjaya to Sri Petaling is about 6 minutes driving. Take the stadium Bukit Jalil exit and keep left on the Shah Alam expressway. Make a turn at the Carrefour shopping centre; turn left and you will heading to town, and turn right you will get back to Lebuhraya Shah Alam and can get to Taman OUG and Taman Yarl. It will take about 5 minutes to get here. This is now one of the hottest place for residential bungalow.

Taman OUG or Taman Yarl? At here, I have some clients bungalow and residential land for sale as well. Mostly are situated in this area which is fast growing in recent years. Taman Yarl is located on the left hand-side of the road. Taman OUG is located at the right hand-side of the road. Both are split by Jalan Awan Besar that connect them to Old Klang Road and Kuchai Lama. This is a very strategic location, and currently there are 2 huge shopping mall under construction at nearby. First is the Paradigm Mall OUG, develop by WCT group, which is located at the road junction to Taman Yarl. This is a mega project with GDV value worth over RM4 billion. Read here.  Next, there is Pavilion Bukit Jalil which is just 2 street away, read here. Both are billion ringgit projects and soon become the real attraction of this area.

Comparison to Bandar Utama and Mont Kiara. In comparison, see 1Utama shopping mall developed 20 years ago and how it bring up the Bandar Utama and Damansara Uptown area. We see a massive development and more high-end housing came up in those area. The development zone stretch far back to Kota Damansara, Mutiara Damansara and Damansara Perdana area.

Another good example is Solaris Mont Kiara, we have seen the property price nearby soar rapidly and a lot of high-end luxury condominium and landed residential available in market. Comparing back in year 2000, a semi-detached would cost mere RM500,000. And now the asking price is about RM5,000,000 and its not easy job to find a decent unit at this price. Simply because the property price at this area are now average at above RM1,000 per square foot.

What similarity Taman OUG, Bandar Utama and Mont Kiara are having? The answer is pretty simple, the are all within the same radius distance from the KL city centre. And with more expressway and better commuting, these area are rapidly developing. Mont Kiara is highly depend on expatriate and there are 2 international school at here, its the magnet for the area growth. Bandar Utama grown rapidly with their business hub and mega shopping complex, which being perfected by LDP which connect them to Puchong and bring in massive consumer to the city. Bottom line is that, you will need connectivity, business area, education centre and shopping complex; these are the biggest magnet.

For Taman OUG, we have seen the 2 mega shopping mall coming up and in progress, this will open up a lot of business complex nearby all together. Next attraction is the 80 acres of Pavilion park, stadium national, gold club, and the International Medical University. The completed MRT network and multiple stations are another added advantage. All these add values to the area, and we will expect to see moderate property price increase in coming years.

Bungalow Houses and Residential Land for Sale? If you are looking for high-end residential property, you are seeing the right page now. First of all, Taman OUG is majority with terrace houses and some semi-detached house with over 20 years old at the Jalan Hujan Emas section. At the left section you will find some bungalow houses and also the business area with shop lots. Not many residential land available in this zone, and all you can get now is the opposite road which is called the Taman Yarl. At here, you can find some bungalow land for sale and also some sub-sale bungalow or semi-detached houses available in the market. I have been working in this area for few years, and following are the property available for your consideration.

No. Property Type Land Size Build-up Asking Price? Remark
1 Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 6,000 Vacant RM1,390,000 SOLD
2 Jalan Awan Jawa, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 5,500 Vacant RM1,450,000 Available
3 Jalan Awan Jawa, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 6,700 Vacant RM1,750,000 Available
4 Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 41,000 Vacant RM10,000,000 Available
5 Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 19,000 Vacant RM4,200,000 Available
6 Jalan awan kerawang, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 11,000 Vacant RM2,990,000 Available
7 Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 11,000 Vacant RM3,000,000 Available
8 Jalan Awan Jawa, Taman Yarl Bungalow 1-storey 25,000 2,000 RM8,000,000 KIV
9 Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yarl Bungalow 1-storey 15,000 2,000 RM5,500,000 KIV
10 Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yarl Bungalow 3-storey - 6,000 RM3,999,000 Available
11 Jalan Awan Pintal, Taman Yarl Bungalow Land 66,000 Vacant RM13,000,000 Available
12 Jalan Awan Cina, Taman Yarl Semi-Detached 2 storey 3,000 3,000 RM2,200,000 KIV

*Owner welcome to list.

Following are some of the photos taken at Taman Yarl showing the condominium and residential land etc.

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