Tamarind Square Cyberjaya, Shop and Office for Sale or Lease

This Tamarind Square is a big project in Cyberjaya and with GDV of over RM750 millions. The project is completing and the VP date is September 2017. With combination of SOFO units at the south sector and some retail shop lot at the front section resemble the “8” sign. This is rather a unique design and enable them to fit a massive 5 storey high stadium hall at the middle; this will host the future events, concert or any ceremony.

Tamarind Square Cyberjaya Retail Shop and Office Space for Sale. Right now, our agency are authorized to carry and sell some units available. And from the list that I am getting, only a few more upstairs office lots are remaining. The ground floor retail lots had been sold out. Over 95% already sold out, and left just a few more to go. If you are a keen buyer or investor who want to have secure investment, this is the project to put your money in. The sales package now include GRR Guarantee Return of 6.5% per annum, that is a very promising rate. For those who want to invest in Tamarind square, give me a call today 012-621 9751. I will provide you with the list of available units with pricing.

Here are available shop and office lot for sale. (Updated November 2017)


Tamarind Square Cyberjaya Retail Shop and Office Space for Lease or Rent. For the lucky Tamarind Square owners who want to lease or rent their units, either retail lots or office lot upstairs, you can use our agency service at anytime. Send me your unit details, and I will get the tenant soonest possible.

For tenant who’s been looking for retail unit or shop office for rent, do check out the latest leasing list at here.

Here are available shop and office lot for sale. (Updated October 2017)


Location, Location, Location. That is the most common word we heard when buying a new property, regardless residential or commercial property. For those who want to open their retail outlet, the location should play the major role. Choose the location that have the most traffic, the most walk-in buyer, and the highest quality buyer market. If that is what you are intended to have, this Tamarind Square commercial lot should be in your consideration list.

First impression when visiting the project location when its 90% completing right now, the environment is consumer and business friendly. I belief various type of business can be hosted here, and ranging from food beverage, entertainment, grocery market, gym fitness, house care, convenient store, and many more. Indeed, most of the commercial lots has been sold and taken. From the developer presentation, we learned that quit some big name in retail business had booked their place and preparing to start their new outlet in here.

Tamarind Square vs. Mont Kiara or Damansara. In recent years, we have seen some people and even business are migrating to Cyberjaya. Working at property agency, often we received inquiry from customer asking for new commercial property with ideal location; some want to buy and some want to rent. That is the obvious trend following the massive support from government to develop the infrastructure in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya area. Right now, there are new MRT link in Cyberjaya is under-construction and will be connecting with the Kuala Lumpur city centre and the rest of the Klang Valley area. That mean Cyberjaya will be more accessible and more people will be coming to work, stay, or get entertainment here. Some of the biggest shopping mall had set their foot in here, and this Tamarind Square is another landmark from now on.

When talk about Mont Kiara, we mention Pablika Mont Kiara. And when talk about Damansara we will mention about One Utama. From now on when talks about Cyberjaya, we will mention Tamarin Square. This is located at the the biggest junction, and must go through location when you are moving around Cyberjaya. If you want to open a retail business, this is the location to consider, where else you want to go?

Tamarind Square Cyberjaya Photo Gallery 2017 (3 months from VP). Here are some of the photo I have taken as of July 2017 during the site visit. We can see the workers are busy doing the finishing work to prepare for the VP date this coming September 2017. In future I will be updating and posting more photo from here.

Tamarind Square Location Map. This Google map will help you out.

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