Why invest in Malaysia property market?

I created this simple video to explain why you should invest in Malaysia property market as well. I will show you some statistic, diagram and economic trend in Malaysia. And I will be showing you why investing in Malaysia is more advantages compare to Singapore or Indonesia. Myself is a property agent in freelance, my core business is dotcom business. And myself is also an investor in stock market, forex trading, and property market as well.

From the many people I met over the years, I have seen why people success and where people failed. When investing in property market or buying a house, there are few important key consideration to take note of. One of the major factor is time to entering the market, and next is looking for good deal and buy houses at discount price. For this year 2016, the country GDP is remain at 6% which is good for future forecast and we can take this as assurance that property market will continue to grow at this rate as well.

Next, there is lack of land and running out of good location. Buyer will always pay good price for good location for their new house. And no one will pay premium price for far unreachable location right? This is where the location is the next important factor to consider. The video I included the Klang valley, port Klang, southern KL especially the Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Kajang, Bangi, the KL south project as well. The google maps are showing the current taken space and the remaining area available for development.

为什么投资马来西亚房地产市场?我创建了这个简单的视频来解释为什么你应该投资以及马来西亚房地产市场。我会告诉你一些统计、 图表和经济趋势在马来西亚。我将显示您在马来西亚投资为何更多优势比较到新加坡或印尼。我自己是自由职业者房地产经纪人,我的核心业务是互联网业务。而我自己也是投资者在股票市场、 房地产市场以及外汇交易。

从我多年来遇到的许多人,我看到为什么成功的人和那里的人失败。当投资在房地产市场或买一套房子,有几个重要的关键考虑注意。下一步的主要因素之一是时间到进入市场,寻找好的待遇和买房子以折扣价格。为此到 2016 年,的该国 GDP 是停留在有利于未来预测的 6%,我们可以以此作为房地产市场将继续以此速度增长的保证。

接下来,是缺乏土地和运行良好的位置。买方将总是支付好的价格,为他们的新房子的好位置。并没有人将支付溢价远遥不可及的位置正确吗?这是在那里的位置是下一个要考虑的重要因素。视频我包括巴生谷,港口巴生,南部 KL 尤其是赛城,普特拉贾亚、 加影、 班吉,KL 南项目。谷歌地图显示当前采取的空间以及其余地区可供开发。

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